What we promise our employees:

Match people to positions

We are committed to finding and hiring people who’s innate strengths, personality and experience are right matches for the jobs we are asking them to do.

Provide excellent training and support

Once hired, we strive to provide our employees with the quality training and ongoing support they need to perform at their highest level of excellence.

Provide quality resources and guidance

We strive to provide staff with clear, written policies and procedures to guide their day-to- day work, as well as clearly identified sources of information, guidance and support.

Empower and hold responsibility

We nurture a strong culture of empowerment and 100% personal responsibility. Employees are empowered to solve problems, recommend new systems and solutions, and make decisions, consistent with Stanford values, policies and regulatory requirements.

Communicate and engage

We foster a strong sense of community and belonging through consistent and meaningful communication at every level. Emails and phone calls are answered within 24 hours. Meaningful feedback is offered and solicited on an ongoing basis. We strive to resolve problems quickly and, when this is not possible, there is a shared understanding of next steps.

What we expect from our employees:

100% Responsibility and Engagement

  • We expect every member of the Stanford team so share 100% responsibility for the well-being of this company, its employees and, above all, the people we serve.
  • We expect each member of the Stanford team to assume 100% responsibility for his/her charge and to be effective and fully engaged advocates, problem-solvers and participants in the ever-evolving process of becoming a company of excellence.

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