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Happy Family Housing

Take your shoes off and relax. You’re going to feel right at home ...



Take your shoes off and relax.
You’re going to feel right at home ...

Why Choose Stanford

Keeping promises and refusing to compromise on quality. These are just two of the standards we hold ourselves to everyday. We are proud of our communities and we want you to be, too.


Peace of Mind

Stanford Management has properties throughout Maine and Pennsylvania, managed to meet the specific needs of seniors and persons with disabilities.


Affordable Quality

Our affordable family-friendly housing properties are beautiful and located in welcoming communities in close proximity to shops, parks and other attractions.


What Our Residents are Saying:

Stanford Management
I would like to take a few minutes to recognize our Property Manager’s hard work, commitment to his job as well as to his tenants, and of Mr. Fruge’s kind, generous heart, and great personality he brings in each and every day he comes into work.

Mr. Fruge´ has done so much that has helped everyone within this complex, going above and beyond his job duties to help anyone that he can. Mr. Fruge´ always comes to work with a smile on his face, is very polite, greets everyone with a smile, even when he may not be feeling his very best- Mr. Fruge´ does a great job at not letting it show.

Mr. Fruge´ looks out for all his tenants by making sure our community is filled with people that take pride in the living environment around them. The residents all enjoy the special programs Mr. Fruge´ brings into our complex. They offer lots of valuable information we may not have known, while also providing much needed skills to learn in order to live a more productive and healthier lifestyle. For example, a couple of these special programs include those offered from the State like our Healthy Living classes or the Cooking Matters classes offered to everyone.

Mr. Fruge´ also makes sure that if there are any problems within our apartments, another resident or something that may pertain to the general up-keep regarding the four seasons, Mr. Fruge´ works very hard at making sure all our needs are met and fixed before he even leaves for the day; sometimes resulting in him not leaving work until late in the evening.

Mr. Fruge´ is an extremely hard working man. Stanford Management made a GREAT decision when they chose him to manage our community. Mr. Fruge´ gets the job done and overall is just the best, kindhearted, friendly and polite person you will ever meet. I am so blessed and honored to not only know Mr. Fruge´, but to have him as our Property Manager.