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Happy Family Housing

Take your shoes off and relax. You’re going to feel right at home ...



Take your shoes off and relax.
You’re going to feel right at home ...

Why Choose Stanford

Keeping promises and refusing to compromise on quality. These are just two of the standards we hold ourselves to everyday. We are proud of our communities and we want you to be, too.


Peace of Mind

Stanford Management has properties throughout Maine and Pennsylvania, managed to meet the specific needs of seniors and persons with disabilities.


Affordable Quality

Our affordable family-friendly housing properties are beautiful and located in welcoming communities in close proximity to shops, parks and other attractions.


What Our Residents are Saying:

Stanford Management
Dear Ms. Crowley,
Thank you for allowing the Shipmates Senior Center, sponsored by the Town of Bowdoinham’s Advisory Committee on Aging, to hold their monthly planning meetings at Bowdoinham Estates. The community room is an inviting space for all of the people, residents and non-residents of Bowdoinham Estates, to plan activities and events for older residents in the community.
Your generosity to the Shipmates Senior Club is greatly appreciated and helps the Shipmates to provide an increasing number of programs and activities for older residents.
I would also like to thank you for allowing the community kitchen and dining room to be used for monthly meals and Bingo games. Community residents and people living at Bowdoinham Estates look forward to the delicious meals and BINGO games that follow. Thank you for making the space available and for providing a space that is well decorated, warm and welcoming. Without the ability to use the space at Bowdoinham Estates, it is unlikely that the luncheons would have been as successful as they have been over the years.
William S. Post, Town Manager