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Take your shoes off and relax. You’re going to feel right at home ...



Take your shoes off and relax.
You’re going to feel right at home ...

Why Choose Stanford

Keeping promises and refusing to compromise on quality. These are just two of the standards we hold ourselves to everyday. We are proud of our communities and we want you to be, too.


Peace of Mind

Stanford Management has properties throughout Maine and Pennsylvania, managed to meet the specific needs of seniors and persons with disabilities.


Affordable Quality

Our affordable family-friendly housing properties are beautiful and located in welcoming communities in close proximity to shops, parks and other attractions.


What Our Residents are Saying:

Stanford Management
I am writing to you today  to express my appreciation for how my mother was treated and and cared for during her recent relocation at Perramond Estates.  Due to reconstruction she was moved from one apartment to another then back to her original apartment after the renovations.

My sisters and I wish to thank the Property Manager and Stanford for authorizing hard flooring rather than carpeting to be installed in her apartment to accommodate our mother's allergies.  We also wish to express appreciation for the transfer shower chair provided and the installation of a raised toilet to accommodate our mother's needs while she waited to return to her accessible apartment.

My sisters and I would like to praise and thank the Property Manager for the many things he did that we considered above and beyond to help our mother while she was living in the temporary apartment.  He was incredibly helpful to our mother , more than I can even begin to express.  We are very grateful to him.

I would also like to take this time to bring to your attention what a great person Eric Fruge is.  I wish to personally thank Eric for his incredibly caring way and how he constantly goes above and beyond to be sure the tenants at Perramond are comfortable and their needs are met.  During the almost 16 months my mother has lived at Perramond Eric has been not only a pleasure to talk to but he has made every effort to be helpful and accommodating.  He has accepted my calls of concern regarding winter walkway conditions and concerns of a tenant smoking in the building with great understanding and he took action when action was needed for these things.

Eric is a true gentleman, an incredibly caring person, a generous soul and probably the very best person there is to manage a property where our elders are living possibly their last days, months or years.  I am and will be forever grateful to Eric for all he has done and does and I expect will do for my mother while she lives at Perramond Estates!

Please pass this letter of praise on to any other Manager at Stanford so all will know what a "gem" Eric Fruge is and how grateful we are to him.